On your phone, you get an alert every time a new Gmail message arrives. However, when you’re working on your Windows PC, you only see new messages when you’re actively looking at your inbox. Fortunately, by installing a simple extension, you can get alerts that pop up in your system tray, even if your browser is closed.  Here’s how to enable Gmail desktop notifications.

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These notifications are available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


To enable desktop notifications:

Step 1: Sign into gmail.

Step 2: Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Settings.


Step 3: In the General tab, scroll down until your find the Desktop Notifications section, then click the button next to the “New mail notifications on” setting.


Step 3: Choose one of the options:

  • New mail notifications on: If you use inbox categories, you’ll only be notified about messages in primary Inbox.
  • Important mail notifications on: You’ll be notified about every incoming messages marked as important.
  • Mail notifications off: don’t show any mail alerts.


Step 4: Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now you will start getting pop-up notifications for every mail that arrives and you can click them to read. The pop-ups will disappear if you ignore them for few seconds.

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You just need to use some simple steps with Gmail tools to no longer be flooded in a pile of spam and ads whenever you open your mailbox.

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account, clickto the gear iconin the upper right corner ->Choose “Settings”.


Step 2: In Settings, go to the Filters section and click on “Create a new filter” link.


Step 3: Enter the information for your filter, such as specific address of spam sources, headers and keywords to identify spam (example for keyword spam: ” buying cheap apartmentsopportunity “or” please contact us “…).

Once you’ve done click the “Create filter with this search”button.


Step 4: Select how to deal with emails identified as spam, tick on“Delete it” then click “Create filter”.


Step 5: Gmail will update the list of filters you created. You can create more filter by clicking the link “Create a new filter” again.


Extra Step: Gmail has launched a new feature help user block spam quickly from source address that has been bothering you. Specifically, Gmail set Unsubscribe link next to the ad mail address for you.


Visit Promotions section, where contains messages sent and considered advertising information.


In each email in PromotionsSection, Gmail set Unsubscribe link next to the advertising mail address so that you can block messages from this source.












-Open Gmail.

-Select the message you’d like to report.