Here are 15 gmail keyboard shortcuts that will help you to manage your emails effectively.



Before proceeding, make sure keyboard shortcuts are actived: Click the gear in the top-right corner of Gmail and selectSettings”  -> “General” -> “Keyboard shortcuts” section and select “Keyboard shortcuts on” –> Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.


Manage main Gmail window

“G” then “I”: Go to inbox (Inbox).

“G” then “S”: Go to starred conversation (Starred).

“G” then “A”: Go to all mail (All mails)

“G” then “C”: Go to contact list (Contact)

“/”: search inbox and quickly put cursor in the search tab.

Manage single message

“J”: Move to next (older) email or conversation

“K”: Move to previous (newer) e-mail or conversation

“P”: Move to previous part of conversation in message

“N”: Move to next part of conversation in message

Manage message list

“X”: Select or unselect email/conversation marked

“S”: Star or unstar message

“#”: Delete selected message

“E”: Archive selected messages

“!”: Mark selected messages as spam

“Enter”: Open message

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