Gmail is one of the best products of the multinational Google, is the most widely used email worldwide by its ease of use and to be free. Together with this product may highlight other as the Google Drive and Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk and others. If you no longer want to use more or want to delete a Gmail accounts you have because you do not use, it’s easy to delete a Gmail account, just follow the steps:

Step 1: Move the cursor to your email address in the top right corner of the screen and give it a click. In the popup menu that appears, click on “Account.”


Step 2: On the Accounts page, you are presented with information related to your broader Google account rather than Gmail settings. From here you will go to the left navigation pane and click on “Products.”


Step 3: You will see a page listing all of the Google products that are associated with your account. What you are looking for is the small “Edit” option tucked away next to “Your Products.”


Step 4: The next screen presents you with a list of options. The options change depending on how many services you have associated with your account. Nevertheless, there are two choices in particular you want to look for depending on if you want to delete a specific Gmail address or if you want to delete your entire Google account.

Usually when you create a new Gmail address, you are given a new Google account to go with it. If you have an old account that you never really used, you may be better off deleting the entire Google account. If you have many addresses all linked to one primary account, then you should make sure to just to delete the specific address that you no longer want.

If you only want to delete a specific Gmail address, click “Remove Gmail permanently” and proceed to Step 5a. If you want to delete your entire Google account, select “Close account and delete all services and info associated with it” and skip to Step 5b.


Step 5a: Read the next screen carefully. As Google says, it is not the usual yada yada. Once you are done reading, select the check box confirming that you want to permanently delete your Gmail address. Then select the box below and provide a new primary Gmail address to associate with your Google account. Provide your current password, click “Remove Gmail” and you are done.


Step 5b: If you are certain you want to remove your entire Google account, click the check boxes next to every Google service you wish to stop using. This shows Google that you are serious. Google still does not believe you are sure, so type in your current password, then select the checkbox below confirming that yes, you are sure you know what you are doing. But are you really sure? If yes, select the final checkbox confirming that you are still responsible for any pending charges that may be associated with your account. Between the Play Store and Google Drive storage, Google Wallet handles a lot of money these days. Click “Delete Google Account” and you are done.


Now you no longer have access to Google Drive files which you had no accounts play your store or YouTube, so think twice before doing so.

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