Email signature here is not your signature, it is the information that always appears automatically at the end of an email content. You just need to set up once and that signature will be automatically added to the end of each email content to send mail.

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Most of the users want to create their own email a professional signature with basic and necessary information when sending an email. However, it is difficult if you do not have talent to create a beautiful and creative signature.


Understanding this problem, online services Email HTML Signature Generator was born with the main features that help users create a professionalsignature with full necessary contact information when sending email.

To use it, go to this link, here we will have 2 options to use free and paid. Without high expectations, click on“Or Create a Free Signature” to start using this service for free, of course there will be some limitations compared to the paid to use.


You will go to contact information setup. Enter your information in those flames.


Social (your social network link), Disclaimer (regulation of content – you can click No to skip it)


Banner (your banner image), Style (displaycustom of color, font, …) and Apps (your individual applications link – just use when you register an account on HTMLSig).


After completing all the information, click on “Create Signature”. You will be taken to Preview page with an email andsignature created. If not satisfied, click on Edit to edit your signature. Finally, click on “Show the source code” to get the HTML embed code or “Download” to get the signature files used in email clients software like Thunderbird.


Here we will blacked the content of signaturein Preview window. Note that just copy the content of information that interests you.


Next, access to your Gmail account and click Settings.


In the Settings interface, go to the line Signaturecustom in General tab and paste the text copied above into. Then click “Save changes” to save.


That’s all you need to create a professional signature. Hopefully the article will be useful to you.

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