Many users sign up and use Gmail without any attention to the font of the message. They thought that the service just allow user apply white background and black text while composing mail. In this post we will show you how to change font color of text when composing an email in Gmail, help your content more lively and impressive.


Step 1: First, Log into gmail account and compose emails as usual.

How-to-Change-Font-Color-of-Text-when-Composing-in-Gmail -1

Step 2: Enter the content of message.

How-to-Change-Font-Color-of-Text-when-Composing-in-Gmail -2

Next, black the text you want to change its color and select color icon as shown.

How-to-Change-Font-Color-of-Text-when-Composing-in-Gmail -3

Now the text has been changed to other color.

How-to-Change-Font-Color-of-Text-when-Composing-in-Gmail -4

You can do the same with the other texts.

How-to-Change-Font-Color-of-Text-when-Composing-in-Gmail -5 just introduced to you how to change font color of text when composing in Gmail. With a little change your content has become much more prominent.

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Each Gmail user has a different demand on the font of the text when composing an email. Someone love the simple style so they often choose the font that easy to see. Someone prefer to the prominence so they choose the more complex fonts. How about you? Do you like simple or prominent style? Refer to the simple steps below to change font of your message in Gmail.

To change the font of message:

Step 1: Log into gmail account via

If you don’t have Gmail, sign up an account


Step 2: Next, click on Compose button to compose message as usual.


Step 3: Now you can change the font before composing or do it later. For example, I just composed a message as below:


To change the font, highlight the text you want to change then click on the underlined letter A, change Sans Serif font by another.


Now the text has become so much more attractive.

How-to-change-the-font-when-composingan-email-in-Gmail-5 just introduced to you how to change the font when composing an email in Gmail. If you just compose a common email, it is recommended that you should select the type of visible and legible font. Meanwhile the eye-catching font should be used for the titles or transitions. In addition, we also guide on align the margins when composing email in gmail. If you interested in, look at for reference.