You are owning multiple email accounts and sometimes you can notremember the password to log into your Gmail account. When encountering this case, do not worry much because the password recovery process is very simple.

In this post, will show you step by step guide on how to recover gmail password instead of creating a new Google account.

Step 1: Access to Google account recovery page. Here you have the options to recover your Gmail password.


Step 2: Select “I do’nt know my password”. Enter your Google Account email that you are trying to recover. Click the “Continue” button.


Step 3: Click “I don’t know” to continue.


Step 4:

Select your recovery options.

– You can have the recoveryinformation sent to your alternate email address or your mobile phone.

– If you choose to receive the recovery information sent to the mobile phone, you can get it through an automated phone call or SMS.


Step 5: Enter yourverified information. You will receive a confirmation code sent to the phone number used to register Gmail. Enter the verification code and click“Continue”


Step 6: Create a new password. After entering the confirmation code, you will be reminded to create a new Google password. Enter it in twice to confirm. Click on “Reset Password” to finish.


With 6 simple steps above, you have recovered your Gmail password successful! Good luck!

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