The number of Gmail users is increasing day by day because of the useful features that Gmail offers. However you may still get some errors in the process of using this service.

And gmail login error is a pretty common error that many user get, but if you do not notice and regularly access to Gmail address, you cannot detect this error. Once you have discovered this problem, you need to check the computer and follow the procedures below.


There are some times international fiber cut also makes accessing Gmail flickering even inaccessible, refer to solutions to improve the speed at Gmail. In addition, some other errors that are not the fault of international networks line, follow how to handle below.

=>>> creat a gmail account


* Cause 1: Your computer is skewed compared to the current time.

Some computers are used for a long time and not have periodical maintenance making chip or components inside that operate inefficiently. The common problem is you have to constantly adjust the time on the computer even though it has set the default mode.

Up to the present, Gmail has been upgraded and there are some changes of”Certificate Services”parameter on operating duration of the Website. Thus, for the computers are skewed in time, with the time different with the current time and stopped in the years before 2008, you will not be able to access Gmail.

How to fix: Check and change the time on the computer

Step 1: Click on the section that displays the time on the computer system tray.


Step 2: Click on“Change date and time Settings” change the current time.


Step 3: In the Date and Time window, click “Change date and time”


Step 4: Reset the time and date that coincide with the current time, click “OK” to save the setting.



* Cause 2: Because of the Internet Explorer browser.

The other Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera does not appear this error.

How to fix:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer -> Press Alt on your keyboard to display the toolbar, select Tools ->Internet Options.

Internet Options window appears, select the Connectionstab ->LAN Settings.


Step 2: In the LAN Settings window, if you see 2 items Automatic Configuration and Proxy Server are selected, uncheck both of them.

Click “OK”


Step 3: Back to Internet Options ->Select Security tab ->Default Level ->OK


Step 4: Now you restart your computer and sign in to Gmail as usual.