Along with the strong development of the Internet nowadays, each of us has at least a Gmail account. However, most of people only know how to use it but does not fully understand what is Gmail and the benefits it brings. Let’s learn more about this useful service.

Gmail (Google Mail) is an free e-mail service provided by “giant” Google. According to experts in SEO training, Gmail is the most powerfuland efficient search tools of Google in the search for the user’s e-mail.


What are the advantages of Gmail?

Gmail brings many usefulness and conveniences in our life. For example, you are an online sales person, you can offer products effectively by email marketing instead of traditional leaflets. Compared to the traditional letter, using email is very convenient especial for people who stay away from each other.


In addition, Gmail also integrates many tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint help your office work becomes easier.


Some basic information about Gmail

– Google enables Internet users to create a Gmail account completely free.

– Storage capacity data information about 15GB of memory.

– Gmail supports almost languages in the world to help users easily use it in exchanging email.

– Gmail also supports browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chorme, CocCoc …


What are the benefits of Gmail?

Gmail brings users many benefits, but in this article I would like to point out a number of practical benefits:

– Gmail provides a largeinformation storage space.

– Chat easily with friends and relatives by exchanging email, or chatting with each other in the videos were preset.

– Has excellent information security, virus warnings to Gmail users.

– It is particularly convenient for people studying SEO. You can register to participate in forums to post links or build satellite blogs.

That’s some basic information about Gmail. Let’s create a Gmail account to experience these smart utilities that it brings.